The Beta Map Question

As promised, here are the top 4 contenders for the beta map. All of these are 1800×1000 maps with around 80% ocean. Please let us know in-game or via Facebook which map you prefer. We have to pick one soon!

Map 1: “Chainlink” – A combination of massive continents and plenty of small-to-medium islands in long chains.


Map 2: “Captain Hook” – This map has more of its mass lumped into its 5 mega-continents, including a 700-tile-tall continent shaped like a hook.


Map 3: “Islandia” – This map features 7 large-to-huge islands, several medium islands, and a handful of small-to-medium islands.


Map 4: “Island Mon” – This map features 5 continents and a smattering of medium-sized islands, with a few smaller ones.