About EmpireMUD

EmpireMUD is a map-based online game derived from CircleMUD, a part of the DikuMUD family. The original EmpireMUD, called Age of Destiny, was developed from 2000-2003 by Paul Clarke. EmpireMUD 2.0 began in 2013 and receives regular updates from the original developer.

Playing EmpireMUD

You can connect to the flagship EmpireMUD using any Telnet program or MUD client, at the address 4000. Telnet games are text-based. You can interact with the world empiremud-redusing commands like look, get, north, and help. Some good MUD clients include:

  • Mudlet – A full-featured client for multiple operating systems.
  • Telnet – From the command line of your Linux or macOS computer, just type: telnet 4000

Starting Your First Character

When you first connect to an EmpireMUD, type the name you want to use. If the name is available, you’ll be asked if it’s correct. If that name already in use, you will be prompted for a password instead — disconnect and then try again with a different name. Character creation is short, and will give you some starting skills and preferences. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t worry too much about archetype. It gives you some starter skills, but you can still learn any of the other skills later.
  • Use the promo code countdemonet to start the game with 100 coins.

Run Your Own EmpireMUD

The EmpireMUD source code is available on GitHub for people who want to run their own copy, or just want to see how it works under the hood. EmpireMUD is written in the C programming language. It needs about 175MB of RAM to run, or less if you generate a smaller world.

Other Resources