October 2013 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha Change Log

October 15, 2013

  • Added more information to the ability list when you type “skill <name>”

October 10, 2013

  • Changed the way esay interprets a * as an emote to be more consistent with global channels like OOC, so you can no longer manually add extra spaces to esay emotes. Janus felt this was important.

October 8, 2013

  • Fixed a place where player_specials were being used by NPCs, which was clogging up the error logs.
  • Removed the last couple lingering instances of the ww_dice() function from the old random system.
  • Adjusted the dice roll for struggling free when tied up.
  • Changed how to-hit is calculated in the “bite” command to match the current combat system.
  • Lore is now cleaned up when you log in, and old lore is expired at that time. It hasn’t been clearing out for a while due to a change in the whois command a few months back, but should now resume cleanup.
  • Taste blood will no longer call animals human.
  • Updated some help text and typoes.
  • Butcher now requires a sharp tool in one hand.
  • Removed a part of disassociate_building() that looked up the building data first, as this is not actually used and does take time.
  • Collapsing castles should now leave the proper ruins.
  • Terrify will now engage combat if it fails.
  • The Command command now causes a short wait.
  • Drinking blood from a drink container should no longer go 1 point at a time.
  • When the year rolls over, the earthquake message should now happen at the start of the long lag, instead of the end.
  • Fixed small memory leak when the year rolls over and depletions weren’t being freed after being removed.
  • Slightly reduced the movement lag on sneak.

October 3, 2013

  • Mobs should no longer regenerate during combat, but will now regenerate very quickly when out of combat.
  • Automatically removing gear due to losing the required ability will now display a message rather than silently removing it.
  • Immortals using the “score” command on other players will now be able to see effects on those players.
  • Dropped the cost of Soulsight. It now reveals effects on the target.
  • Updated the definition of “flying” in the movement code to be more consistent, since it takes into account your mount and whether or not you are flying yourself.
  • Fixed the old “wall trap” issue where you can get stuck between two wall tiles with no option except to dismantle one of them. It should now let you out in any direction if you’re in a wall trap.

October 2, 2013

  • Fixed the graphical political map.
  • Hopefully reduced the lag when a skill is reset.
  • Improved the system that wears off effects if you lose the ability that grants them.
  • If you lose Navigation, you’ll now keep the north-oriented map until the next time you’re logged out for a while, instead of getting a random direction immediately.
  • Losing vampire status via Purify will now automatically clear your Vampire abilities (you still won’t lose your skill levels in it, though).
  • You can no longer “swap” weapons if either of them is single-use.