October 2014 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha Change Log

October ends early because there were several weeks where the only work I did for the mud was porting DG Scripts, and was otherwise very busy.

October 12, 2014

  • Circle: Fixed an issue with diagonal circle.
  • Walls: Changed how walls are displayed so that they don’t appear attached to open buildings.
  • Mines: Fixed what appears to be a long-standing bug, where building a non-mine building on a mined tile would reset the mine data.
  • Building: Changed how terrain is updated when you start a building.

October 11, 2014

  • Movement: The movement cost for open buildings is now the average of the building move cost (1) and the base tile type’s move cost. This is a reduction for some types, and an increase for others.
  • OLC: Removed sector type from the building code, as it now only builds buildings.
  • OLC: The building editor now shows the icon with color codes, in addition to the processed version.
  • OLC: The building recipe editor now shows the building name when you change the building vnum.
  • Burning buildings: Open buildings will no longer collapse on the people inside when they burn down.
  • Building: Changed bridges, swampwalks, fences, walls, great walls, and gates to buildings. These were the building recipes that previously built something other than a building.
  • Swampwalks: Will now require maintenance like bridges.
  • Taverns: Cut the frequency that the empire must contribute resources to the brew in half.
  • OLC: Added a default hitpoint value of 1 to buildings, as 1 is the lowest valid number.
  • Workforce/territory: Fixed a bug where tiles that change after being claimed might not be added to the territory list until a reboot or another tile is claimed/abandoned, causing workforce not to work those tiles. Empire territory is now re-scanned when a tile changes, in certain cases.

October 5, 2014

  • Vnum: Fixed a bug where “vnum building” was not checking the last building in the table.
  • Stat and Vstat: Added buildings as an option to stat.
  • Steps: Fixed a display bug in horizontal steps.
  • Buildings: EmpireMUD now reads the configuration data for its buildings from db files, like it does for objects, mobs, craft recipes, and so on. All code has been adapted to use this new system, instead of the hard-coded building struct.
  • OLC: Added a full olc editor for buildings.
  • Dedicate: Updated how the room title of dedicated buildings are displayed so that more buildings can easily be made dedicatable.
  • Sacrifice: Modified the sacrifice bonus for dedicated buildings to not require hard-coded building ids.

October 4, 2014

  • Craft sort: Improved the craft sorter to make the recipes command group types together.
  • OLC controls: Added new immortal functions for controlling who has access to which OLC modes and vnums.

October 3, 2014

  • Cooldowns: Updated help files with cooldowns.
  • Regenerate: Capped the amount you can regenerate at how many points you’re missing, so it doesn’t charge 500 blood to Regenerate 50 health, if you’re only down 50 but typed 500.
  • Deleteroom: Fixed a bug where the deleteroom feature did not require confirmation (this was a 1.0 bug), and another bug where it didn’t lower the count of designated rooms and allow a fresh designate (previously it required a reboot).
  • No-dismantle: The flag is now only shown to empire members.

October 2, 2014

  • Interlink: Raised the maximum distance to 4.
  • Portcullis: Changed the icon when it faces east/west.
  • Socials: Upgraded the social interpreter so that exact matches for socials take precedence over abbreviations of non-socials. For example, “nod” now performs the social again, instead of functioning as an abbreviation of “nodismantle”.
  • No-disrepair flag: Fixed a bug where this flag was not being removed when a building was dismantled.
  • Herd: You can now herd in any open tile without needing permission from the owner.
  • Dismantle-only: New craft recipe flag marking a building recipe and hide it from the “build” list, while still providing the information to dismantle the building.
  • Show towerofsouls: New option for the admin “show” command to display the locations of every ToS.
  • Party: Fixed an issue where character could be re-added to parties when someone else logged in, even if they had manually left the party.

October 1, 2014

  • Dismantle: Updated the dismantle command to be able to dismantle upgraded buildings under the new system, and wrote helper functions for determining correct resource costs.
  • OLC: Updated OLC help files with recent changes.