March 2014 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha Change Log

March 30, 2014

  • Fix to mob pursuit, which was crashing in some cases.

March 29, 2014

  • Added a new PURSUE flag for mobs. Mobs with this flag will attempt to track down players who have fled combat with them, or when they themselves have been forced to flee. This flag has been added to city guards and some human NPCs, as well as dragons.
  • Cityguard mobs will now auto-attack aggro mobs.
  • Added the “whereami” command to help players figure out their location, especially without the spam of a full “look” action for players with screen readers.
  • Lowered the level on the edelete command from “top level” to “co-implementor”.
  • The Regenerate ability (Vampire) now works on health, mana, and move points. You can also now specify an amount to regenerate.
  • Added a new point command that allows you to point in a direction, and have it translated for people who don’t have the Navigation ability. If you don’t target a direction, it falls back on the existing “point” social.

March 28, 2014

  • We are now testing the ability to gain skillups above the normal 10/15 per day. Once you pass your daily skillups, you can continue to gain at 5% of the normal rate. For some skills, this will be EXTREMELY low.

March 27, 2014

  • Sapped characters will now appear as “… he is stunned!” when you look.
  • Cleaned up the messages it sends when you try to attack your own mount, or attack anyone at a ToS.
  • Aggro mobs will no longer wander into buildings in empires with locksmithing, and will trigger skillups for it when they try.
  • When players fail to infiltrate due to locksmithing, it now triggers a skillup.
  • When multiple people are chopping in the same tile and the tree falls, all chopping players will now target the new tree.
  • Temporarily doubled the rates of rare mine discovery for players with Rare Metals.
  • Fixed a bug in “redit terrain” introduced when I updated it on March 25th, fixing a potential problem where it might have been able to delete the wrong city.
  • Regular ritual of teleportation can no longer trigger a skillup for city teleportation, which was happening whether or not you teleported to a city.

March 25, 2014

  • The “read” command will now work on mail.
  • The “redit terrain” command can now be used to delete cities, which previously were persisting even if their city centers were deleted.
  • The edelete command now syslogs.
  • Ruins now have the movement cost of their base terrain.
  • Fixed a typo in the code which was preventing boards and chests from being removed when the building crumbles.
  • Fixed a bug in screenreader mode where bridges, barriers, and mountain paths were showing up incorrectly. This was caused by incorrect use of static pointers, and I fixed several similar bugs in the skill and book systems (although, to my knowledge, the issue was never visible on those other systems).
  • Charmed npcs will no longer be auto-herded out of the tile when you start a building. Previously, this merely made them cry as they attempted to leave.
  • Clarified an error message from several abilities when the user needs to be standing.
  • Empires run by immortals will no longer experience building decay.
  • Crafting abilities that require specific buildings now correctly check that the building is actually complete again.
  • Harvesting a crop tile now requires actual empire membership if the tile is claimed. Previously, public tiles and allied tiles allowed guests to harvest.

March 24, 2014

  • Followers now come along when you circle buildings.
  • Trying to pass through a wall will now give the correct direction for the “You can only go back” message, even if you don’t have Navigation.
  • Logging in while earthmelded will no longer display the map.
  • Unfinished bridges now require as many movement points as a river, to match their other properties.
  • Vampires who are feeding on someone, and anyone being fed on by a vampire, will no longer be able to participate in combat. This was happening under certain circumstances.
  • Charmed mobs should now assist their master in combat even if the master is following someone else.
  • When objects float on the water, the direction will now respect map rotation.
  • Devastate no longer provides resources from seeded fields. Instead, it just turns them back to ordinary field/desert.
  • You can no longer earthmeld on a bridge.
  • The worm command will no longer let you move over bridges while worming.
  • Vampires who are earthmelded no longer count as being in the sun.
  • “Type 1” buildings (ones that face a direction but only take up one tile) can no longer choose up/down as their directions. This was a long-standing but almost-never-triggered bug that caused the mud to lock up and use more and more server ram.
  • The game now records the map location where you logged out so that you don’t log in and find yourself in another empire’s building across the map. This happened if you logged out in the interior of a building, that building got dismantled, then someone else designated a new room that received the old room’s id number.
  • Fixed the “see also” on “help home” to say Fine Pottery, not Mold.
  • Changed the description of a bolt of cloth to be more ambiguous about what you made it from.