July 2014 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha Change Log

July 31, 2014

  • Workforce: Moved all of the code related to Workforce and its chores into a new source file, as they were talking up half of one of the empire files.
  • Burning buildings: Fixed the red map highlight for tiles that are on fire, and made sure it’s visible at night.
  • Trapper’s Post: A new luxury building.
  • Workforce: Added fire brigade, trapping (skilled labor), tanning, and shearing to Workforce.
  • Chores: Fixed a small memory leak in some of the workforce chores.
  • Territory back-end: Changed how/when territory data is stored in order to reduce lag from operations on very large empires.
  • Sector data: Combined chop/gather/dig info into a bitvector and added an option to indicate the sector has an associated chore.
  • Claim and Abandon: Centralized code that claims or abandons tiles, and updated other systems like siege warfare, which use it.
  • Player Lore: Fixed a bug where old death lore was not being removed as intended.
  • Dismantle: Partially-completed buildings should no longer show (0x) resources when you start to dismantle them.
  • Fillin: You will now be able to use “fillin” to remove rivers added by players. However, pre-existing rivers and trenches will not qualify because they are missing the necessary data.
  • Fields and Forests: These terrains may now change to desert and groves if surrounded by other desert.

July 30, 2014

  • Classes: Renamed two of the Natural Magic classes and assigned them some of the werewolf abilities.
  • Crops: Rearranged crop data from parallel arrays to a new struct.
  • Empires: Total overhaul to how technologies and territory are read, to reduce the lag during commands like claim and abandon, as well as the lag during the game hour ticks.

July 29, 2014

  • Animal Forms: This new Natural Magic ability allows the caster to disguise itself as one of several animals.
  • Vampire morphs: Adjusted the traits on Horrid Form and Wolf Form, and added the Dread Blood form.
  • Werewolf: This class now has three morph forms similar to the vampire class forms.
  • Claim: Old “public” flags on tiles are now cleared when a tile is claimed, to prevent tiles from being public accidentally.
  • Dismantle: Buildings being dismantled now say “Remaining to Dismantle” instead of “Remaining to Completion”.
  • Stat room: Now shows seeded field type to immortals.
  • Map view: Seeded crop type is now shown below the map.
  • Set: Immortals can now set the available blood on characters.
  • Stat character: Immortals now see blood totals on stat.
  • Hunger and Thirst: Updated definitions so that players with Unnatural/Sated Thirst don’t read as thirst.

July 28, 2014

  • Text updates: Fixed typoes and added clarifications to help files.
  • Classes: Added new class.c file and moved some functions there.
  • Group Roles: Added preliminary code for group roles.
  • Score, Whois, Stat: Now show group role.
  • Class: New command showing your group role and class abilities.
  • Statskills: This command now shows class abilities.
  • Horrid Form: This is now a class ability for some vampire classes.
  • Undead Fortitude: This is now a class ability for Reapers.

July 26, 2014

  • Vampires: Under skill level 15, vampires now have a blood upkeep of 1 per hour, even with no powers active. This represents the gnawing hunger of young vampires, and gives them a reason to drink blood, as they can only level up by feeding.

July 25, 2014

  • Screen-Reader view: Fixed the potter’s hut tile to display as “Potter” instead of “Hut”. Enchanted walls are now shown as “Enchanted Wall” or “Enchanted Great Wall”.
  • Starving: Fixed an issue where some things were reporting a vampire as starving at the wrong blood level, and centralized the amount of blood that counts as starving.
  • Hunger/Thirst: The function that reports that you are hungry/thirsty will now only trigger the message when it makes you hungrier, not when you get less hungry (this was an issue with Sated Thirst and Unnatural Thirst).
  • Regenerate: Fixed an issue related to the updated blood pool sizes.
  • Identify: You can now identify equipped items.
  • Unnatural Thirst: Added missing skillup call and fixed an issue where it might have worked when the user is not a vampire.

July 24, 2014

  • Vampire blood pools: Humans and vampires up to 50 Vampire skill have 100 blood. Vampires up to 75 skill have 150 blood. Vampires up to 100 skill have 200 blood. Vampires now also drink 20 blood points per tick instead of 2.
  • Mobs: Raised the blood pools on all mobs by a factor of 10, and adjusted some blood pool sizes.
  • Vampire abilities: Ancient Blood is now available at level 75.
  • Vampire ability costs: Updated the costs for Boost, Bloodsword, Deathshroud, Mummify, Regenerate, and Weaken.
  • Affects and equipment can now raise a person’s maximum blood (but none do yet).
  • Unnatural Thirst: This new ability removes the need for a vampire to eat or drink food. Vampires no longer have this perk without this ability.
  • Blood upkeep: Vampires no longer lose a blood point at noon each day. Instead, they pay an hourly blood upkeep based on which powers are active. Mortals now regain blood at a rate of 1 per hour.
  • Blood upkeep: The following vampire powers now cost blood upkeep while active: Nightvision, Claws, Majesty, Mummify, Deathshroud, Wolf Form, Bat Form, Mist Form, Boost.
  • Boost: You can now type “boost end” to cancel your active boosts.
  • Mummify: The blood cost is charged when you mummify yourself, not when you end the mummification.
  • Designate: Fixed a bug where castles and palaces in specific map locations would not be able to designate rooms inside, because find_building_list_entry() was not able to identify the building.
  • real_shift(): Replaced the only shift_room() function and real_shift macro with a new real_shift() function that’s cleaner and faster.
  • find_building_list_entry(): Cleaned up this function while bug-hunting.

July 19, 2014

  • Prospect: If you prospect a mountain tile that has a “deep mine” and has enough ore left, prospect will indicate this.

July 18, 2014

  • Helpsearch: This new command searches the body of help files.
  • Scan: Lets you see just one direction with the same output as the screen-reader display.
  • Display: This new command processes your text just like a prompt, then displays it to you.
  • Retrieve: This command now accepts “retrieve all item” and “retrieve all.item” as valid syntax.
  • Store: This command now accepts “all” in place of its optional numeric argument, as “store all tree”.
  • Point: This semi-social command was giving two separate errors when used with no argument.
  • Bathe: You can now bathe at an oasis.
  • Item stacking: Drink containers will now stack if they contain the same liquid type. Superior items will now stack with other superior copies of the same item.
  • Mounts: Updated the skins on mammoths, armored elephants, and armored mammoths to match the regular elephants (mammoths have a chance for even more skin). Also removed the “horse” keyword from unicorns.
  • Barde: The barded mounts now drop a variable amount of iron when they die, based on what it cost to barde them.
  • NPC Aggression: Mobs were able to attack people who can’t be attacked in some cases, causing players to be stuck forever in combat if they were in mist form.
  • Outrage: Will no longer hit people the user can’t see.
  • Hide: Players are now unhidden automatically during timed actions (e.g. chop, play, craft) just as if they had typed a command, preventing them from typing “hide” after “chop” and being invisible while chopping.
  • Sneak: Increased the delay after sneaking from 0.5 to 1 second.
  • Commands: When you use the “commands” command on an NPC, it now gives a more explicit error message. This was confusing when trying to target players with names similar to their empire npcs.
  • Mark: You now get the approximate direction to your mark when you measure.

July 17, 2014

  • Morphs: The morphs that are considered animal disguise forms can no longer perform many chores and physical tasks. However, skills, abilities, and combat commands can still be used in most of these forms.
  • Mist Form: This morph is now considered an animal. Players in this form will not appear on the world map, and they cannot use many building commands.
  • affect_total(): This function now ensures health, move, and mana are the same at the beginning and end.
  • Guard Towers: Upgraded guard towers now show differently to people using screen-reader mode.
  • Morphs: Overhauled the morph code and combined morph abilities into the “morph” command. Removed a bunch of the morphs that are no longer used. Removed the individual morph commands, like “batform”, and renamed the abilities for them to be more than one word, as they are no longer commands.
  • Shift: Removed the old werewolf “shift” command.
  • Look at character: Morphs no longer hide equipment and inventory unless they are explicitly meant to resemble NPCs.
  • Vampire: Removed some lingering remnants of the old vampire system. Claws are also no longer referred to as talons anywhere.
  • Summon Swift: There are four new swifts, available at different levels of High Sorcery. The swift deinonychus now requires 51 High Sorcery. The command now takes the format “summon swift <type>”. The help file for this ability was split into its own entry.

July 15, 2014

  • Informative: Immortals now see chameleon building at a distance as yellow, when using informative view.

July 9, 2014

  • Guard towers: Fixed a bug where guard towers could shoot diagonally at range 4; they were only meant to shoot to a distance of 3.
  • Nearby: Now shows the approximate direction, and shows the custom name of Towers of Souls.
  • Absolute: Tweaked the ABSOLUTE() macro in utils.h to improve accuracy when math happens inside.
  • Empire default ranks: New empires will no longer receive colors on their default ranks.
  • Look <direction>: You can now see a building’s owner and its entrances by looking in its direction from an adjacent tile.
  • Movement: If you walk into the wrong side of a building with a rear entrance, both entrances are now listed.

July 8, 2014

  • Tunnel: The ends of tunnels no longer have the chameleon flag, and can now be seen from a distance.

July 5, 2014

  • Taverns: Resource costs to maintain taverns have been reduced.
  • Jungle: Removed arbitrary Y-axis limits on jungle growth.
  • Ships: Ocean and river tiles now show a map icon when ships are present.

July 3, 2014

  • Summary: Fixed a divide-by-zero error.

July 2, 2014

  • Map view: Fixed (?) a small spacing issue where the room name was not quite centered.
  • Slay: This admin command will now syslog and mortlog the death.
  • Transfer: This admin command will now syslog when used on players.
  • Doors: Changed how the “other side of the door” is opened/closed to keep them from becoming out-of-sync. Previously, both sides of the door were toggled open/closed, meaning once they were out of sync, they would stay that way.
  • Circle: Players were incorrectly able to circle through buildings that were on the corner of walls.
  • Herd: You can now herd through gatehouses. Also fixed an old bug that let you attempt to herd animals into the sides of buildings.
  • Gatehouses etc: Cleaned up how the code detects that a building has a rear entrance a little.

July 1, 2014

  • Build: Fixed a bug where Sorcery Towers and Taverns were not counting their automatic 2nd room toward their room capacity when first constructed, so an extra room could be added to the Sorcery Tower so long as it was done before a reboot occurred.
  • Designate / Sorcery Tower: If you redesignated your “Top of the Tower” room by accident, you can now get it back by using the designate room “sorcery tower”. Also removed an extra room from the number you can add to the tower; it was only ever meant to have one additional room.
  • Summary: This new command shows a combat summary of you, your allies, and your enemies.
  • Show Players: Fixed a small spacing issue in the output of this admin command.
  • Ride: Players will now automatically dismount in combat. Mounting now also has a 2-second action delay.
  • Lone Vampire: Changed the default empire rank name to “Hunter”.
  • Equipment (command): You can now specify -all (-a, all) to see empty gear slots.