Item Scaling

Now that craftable items are scalable, and adventure zones are giving you scaled gear, it’s time to reveal how scaling works in order to help players provide feedback on how the scaling is working out. Any of the numbers given below could be tweaked to help with balance.

Part 1: Scaling Craftables

When you craft a weapon or piece of armor, it will be scaled based on the ability you used. If the ability was in the 1-49 skill range, it uses your Trade (or High Sorcery, for staves) skill’s level, up to 50, to scale the item. For abilities in the 50-74 range, the Trade skill’s level is used and capped at 75. For abilities in the 75-100 range, it uses the Trade skill’s level, capped at 100. For future craftables that come from items you got in adventures (like an armor pattern), it uses your character’s total computed level.

For example: If your character is level 162 from his combined class skills and gear, and you craft a piece of armor using a pattern you picked up in an adventure, it will scale to level 162. However if you forge the dagger from Weaponcrafting (Trade 30), it scales to level 50, even though your level is higher.

In both cases, the content designer who created the craftable items could also have chosen to give the item a minimum or maximum scaling level, which would limit the level that was chosen by the formula above.

Part 2: Scale Points

The number of points available when an item scales is based on these rules:

  • 4 base points when scaled to level 100; lower levels are a percentage of this
  • Negative attributes give bonus points; for example -1 Strength gives 1 bonus point
  • Minor equipment slots get 25% fewer points (slots other than wield, hold, ranged, armor, and saddle)
  • Enchanted and Superior flags each give 33% more points (all bonuses cumulative)
  • Two-handed weapons get 50% more points
  • “Junk” items get half as many points
  • BoE items get 33% more points; BoP items get 50% more.
  • Armor gets more points based on type: 20% for cloth, 25% for medium, 33% for leather, and 50% more for heavy armor.

Part 3: Point Costs

The total available points are split amongst various attributes. Some attributes are worth more points than others. This will be a major spot for game balance tweaks.

Type-based costs:

  • Weapons: 1 point per 1 DPS (so slower weapons get higher raw damage)
  • Drink Containers: 1 point per 9.8 hours of thirst-quenching water
  • Food: 1 point per 6 hours of fullness
  • Coins: 1 point per 10 coins
  • Bows/Missile Weapons: 1 point per 1 DPS
  • Arrows: 1 point per 1 bonus damage (this seems very low)
  • Pack: 1 point per 8 inventory size
  • Potions: 1 point per 25% potion effect

Attribute costs:

  • Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence, Wits: 1 point per +1
  • Greatness: never scaled
  • Health/move/mana regen: 1 point per +2
  • Max health/move/mana/blood: 1 point per +40
  • Soak: 1 point per +0.71 soak
  • Block, Dodge, To-Hit: 1 point per +6.7
  • Inventory size: 1 point per +8.3
  • Bonus physical/magical damage: 1 point per +1
  • Bonus healing: 1 point per +1