EmpireMUD 2.0 update

This morning I wrote a quick tool which uses the version control system to estimate how much of the code has changed since I started the EmpireMUD 2.0 project.

36031 lines changed out of 68328 total (52.73%)

52.73%! That’s not counting help files, items, and mobs. And I didn’t have it in version control for the first couple of days, so there are probably a few lines not counted. And some of the changed lines might just be indentation corrections (although, proper indentation improves readability and is therefore an improvement).

But basically it means we recently hit the 50% milestone for code changed since EmpireMUD 1.0. But you probably aren’t surprised if you follow the changelog. Here are some of the biggest changes:

  • All-new skill system with 150+ new abilities and another 50ish abilities converted from the old system
  • The addition of health pools (replacing damage levels) and mana pools
  • Overhaul of the base map code to use less data
  • Mob spawning system to replace thousands of always-roaming creatures
  • Empire NPCs and workforce
  • Making noskill work on a skill-by-skill basis (anybody playing since before July knows what I’m talking about)
  • Personal channel histories and new slash-channels (replacing the old virtual channels)

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