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Libraries arrive

I have added a new type of Grand Monument: the Library.

Libraries hold books, which are currently quite rare. Once you shelve a book in your library, your NPCs make copies of it and you can take as many as you want. In fact, you’d have to burn them all to get rid of it altogether.

There’s also a new bookedit command that actually lets you create books! Fill in your own libraries and trade books with other empires to bolster your collection.

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High Sorcery Lore

High Sorcery’s unlock is in. Find a Tower of Sorcery, go to the top, and study. If you’d like to read the lore without the game’s interruptions, here is the full text:

You sit down at a bench and open a worn old book, one that has long since lost its gold leaf. The leather cover is faded and worn, and you can barely make out the words through a fine layer of dust. As you blow the dust away, a white flame flashes across the cover and sears the book’s name anew. This is The Handril Instructionary: Apprentice to Sorcery, 2nd Edition, Volumes I-II.

“Since the dawn of time, Man has wielded the primal mana which flows through the veins of our world. In the first empires, during the Age of Destiny, the primitive tribes of men, dwarfs, orcs, and elves drew magic from rare stones named for the gods Vinak, Hadash, and Ma’kor. As the race of men conquered the land, they came to wield mana directly, and so became the first druids.”

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Private Houses and Instant Teleports

As of now, players can choose a private home for their character inside of the empire they belong to.

Your private house will not have NPCs in it, and only you will have access. You can bring friends in by letting them follow you, or by using the publicize command as usual.

You can also return instantaneously to your home using the unusual hestian trinket. Find someone with clayworking skills to make one for you.

New Combat System

I have finished a rewrite of the combat controller, the hit/dodge/block code, and the combat damage code. This also required me to tweak all of EmpireMUD’s weapons and NPCs with new values.

Asynchronous Combat Controller

The old combat system was split into discrete rounds, where each character had a number of attacks per round, both sides did their damage, and the round ended. These rounds happened every 2 seconds.

The new combat controller is asynchronous — not split into rounds. Each player has an attack speed (based on their weapon, wits trait, and abilities). The speed is the time between attacks, so a lower speed is better. Ranged combat now lasts 4 seconds, but the number of shots taken in that time is also based on speed.

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Welcome to the new I’m excited to get this set up since I haven’t run an EmpireMUD myself in more than a decade, although I’ve visited several that were run by others.

I will get the mud running as soon as possible. Originally I used the name “EmpireMUD” only for the code base, and called the muds I ran with it “Age of Destiny”. This time, we’re just calling it “EmpireMUD”.