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EmpireMUD promo codes

The latest patch for EmpireMUD 2.0, b1.2, added a new promo code feature. By asking for a promo code during character creation and giving a small reward for using one, we will be able to tell where our new players are coming from, and this will let us know if advertising on other sites is working.

Don’t worry if you created without a promo code. The bonuses aren’t huge. But next time you’re making a new character, try this code: countdemonet

How Far We’ve Come

When I started EmpireMUD 2.0 two years ago, I had no idea how far it would come. I’ve added more features than I ever thought I would get to, met more players, and overcome more challenges. There are many things in life you can’t quantify; this isn’t one of them. Here’s EmpireMUD by the numbers:

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Empire scores

After I built the new coinage and trade engine recently, some of us got to talking about how the import system prefers empires that are higher on the empire list. The problem was that the list was sorted, but it wasn’t really ranked. So now we’ve begun to rank empires by several criteria, and the result is a set of scores you can see.

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I’m back

I know progress on EmpireMUD 2.0 has been slow or non-existent over the past 6 months. If you read my post from late September, you already know I’ve been fighting leukemia. Cancer treatment isn’t known for being easy, and it has kept me from giving the mud the attention I wanted to, and has delayed a lot of awesome features.

Well, I’m back. I’ve been going down the bug list and fixing a bunch of little issues (and some big ones). EmpireMUD is mostly stable, so the bug list isn’t very long and soon I’ll be back in the swing of things and working on real features.

Here’s what’s coming up:

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The Bad News

Some of you are already aware I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks. Now I’m in the hospital and the preliminary diagnosis is leukemia. I am still waiting on a lot more tests.

I will still be around on the mud. Heck, I might be on more because there isn’t much to do here. If I can get my laptop here, I might even get some features done.

But please bear with me, as it’s going to be a rough couple weeks.

Libraries arrive

I have added a new type of Grand Monument: the Library.

Libraries hold books, which are currently quite rare. Once you shelve a book in your library, your NPCs make copies of it and you can take as many as you want. In fact, you’d have to burn them all to get rid of it altogether.

There’s also a new bookedit command that actually lets you create books! Fill in your own libraries and trade books with other empires to bolster your collection.

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