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Item Scaling

Now that craftable items are scalable, and adventure zones are giving you scaled gear, it’s time to reveal how scaling works in order to help players provide feedback on how the scaling is working out. Any of the numbers given below could be tweaked to help with balance.

Part 1: Scaling Craftables

When you craft a weapon or piece of armor, it will be scaled based on the ability you used. If the ability was in the 1-49 skill range, it uses your Trade (or High Sorcery, for staves) skill’s level, up to 50, to scale the item. For abilities in the 50-74 range, the Trade skill’s level is used and capped at 75. For abilities in the 75-100 range, it uses the Trade skill’s level, capped at 100. For future craftables that come from items you got in adventures (like an armor pattern), it uses your character’s total computed level.

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