August 2014 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha Change Log

August 30, 2014

  • Olives: New desert crop; counts as an orchard.
  • Peas: New field crop.
  • Gourds: New river crop.
  • Warehouse: New building, stores gourds and olive oil.
  • Mill: Can now mill olives into oil.
  • Show terrain: This command now also shows crop counts.
  • Map update: Built a new crop distribution system and re-distributed unclaimed crops.
  • Distance: Fixed a bug where the function that computes the distance between a room and a tile type (e.g. river) was incorrectly calculating diagonals.

August 27, 2014

  • Party: Complete overhaul of the party system to remove CircleMUD-like groups and replace them with a persistent system that requires invites and caps party size. Only player characters can join the party (NPCs tag along if they’re following a party member). Following other players is no longer related to being in a party with them.

August 26, 2014

  • Animal Forms: Crops and seeded fields are now valid locations to morph into animal forms, using the base terrain that those crops are planted on.

August 24, 2014

  • Cooldowns: Added the support code for the new cooldowns feature, plus a command to let you view current cooldowns.
  • Timers: The following timers now use cooldowns: hestian trinket, defect, thief flag, pvp flag, pvp quit timer, milk, and shear.
  • Stat character: This admin command now shows cooldowns.

August 23, 2014

  • Editnotes, Show notes: Immortals can now store notes on players.
  • Slash-Channels: Any /channel you join is stored after you log out.
  • Ignore: You can now ignore annoying players and will not see their social and chat messages.
  • Disguise: Named/empire mobs are now valid targets for disguise. Disguise will also give you the gender of the person you’re disguised as, rather than keeping your own.
  • Defect: You now only need to wait 2 real hours to join an empire after defecting, not 2 hours of playtime.
  • Poofin/out: Fixed a bug where very long poofins and poofouts were not checked for maximum length before being stored to the playerfile.
  • Structs: Updated the player file structures and wrote a new playerfile converter to update live players with the following changes:
    • Removed many values that are no longer used, like hair color, height, weight.
    • Rearranged things that were in the wrong places.
    • Un-set any player/preference flags that are no longer used, from players who had them turned on before.
    • Changed how learned abilities are stored so that resetting your purchased abilities would not allow you to gain another 10 skillups from abilities you’ve gained with before (this was a bug). If you use “skill drop” or otherwise lose skill points, then you will be able to gain new levels with abilities that were in the dropped range.
    • Moved health/move/mana/blood pools into arrays and simplified a lot of code that affects them.
    • Raised the truncation limit on player ip/host.
    • Updated all existing vampires with the new hunger/thirst rules and removed some temporary code that was fixing them one at a time as they logged in.
    • Added storage for the “referred by” information you enter in character creation.
    • Changed the data type on soak, block, and some other extra attributes; moved these into an array with some spare room.
    • Added spare room to the god resource pools, and some other places, to make it easier to add new features without player-converts.
    • Added new metadata for the disguise skill.
    • Fixed some magic-numbering in string lengths.
    • Removed all references to email address, which was used by the old authorization system.
    • Fixed an issue where the room you’re performing a timed action in was stored as an rnum, not a vnum.
    • Added storage space for some future features: ability cooldowns, custom channel colors, saved slash-channels, admin notes on players, ignore list

August 10, 2014

  • Actions: Standardized action messages that tell you you’ve received more than one of something to (x2); some used (2x).
  • Summary: Fixed a divide-by-zero bug where mobs with no mana triggered a crash on summary.
  • Smelt: Fixed a rare bug in smelt that was causing a crash.
  • Smelt: Now indicates how many of something you started smelting together.

August 9, 2014

  • Morphs: Fixed a bug where only a few of the morphs were triggering skillups.

August 7, 2014

  • Weaken: Added a missing skillup trigger to this ability, which was erroneously unable to cause skillups at all.

August 5, 2014

  • Deserts: When deserts grow new plants, sometimes these will now be crops.
  • Lore: Fixed some absurd math in the player lore listing that stemmed from using a date function backwards.
  • Configs: Replaced various magic numbers throughout the code with new configs and cleaned up the configs file.
  • Class roles: Removed the term “group roles” in favor of “class roles”, which is more consistent with the command and simplified the terminology.
  • Sun: Overgrown Forest and thick Jungle tiles no longer block sunlight. As a general rule, if you’re not indoors, you’re in the sun.
  • Werewolf: Removed all code references to 1.0-style werewolves, which have been gone for over a year. These functions did not apply to the Natural Magic werewolves anyway.
  • Character targeting: Fixed inconsistent checking of lastname and disguise name.
  • Item targeting: All item-targeting functions now consistently check drink container content names and book names.
  • Gear level: Weapons now add their base DPS to their gear level.
  • obj_to_char_or_room(): If the target character is not in a room, they now always receive the item.
  • unequip_char_to_inventory(): Now checks that the character is in a room before dropping an item to the ground.
  • Darkness: Fixed a small memory leak from duplicating effects.
  • dice(): Replaced some uses of the dice() function with number() in the weather code, as dice(0, 3) always returns 0.
  • str_str(): Fixed a memory leak where it duplicates both strings and never frees them.

August 3, 2014

  • Skill drop: Added a new “skill drop” feature that allows you to voluntarily lower your own skill levels.
  • pub_comm: Rewrote the pub_comm system and cleaned it up significantly.
  • RP: This flag no longer blocks public communication.
  • Languages: Removed the old language code entirely; it has been shut off for over a year.
  • Code cleanup: More rearranging and straightening on code, especially moving things to better locations and fixing those awful braces.
  • Attach: Rewrote the back-end for the attach command to be something that can be run by a small config array.
  • Toggle: Removed the remnants of the CircleMUD gen_tog system (where you could type “noooc” to shut off the ooc channel), which is now 100% replaced by the toggle command (“toggle ooc”).

August 2, 2014

  • Execute: Removed the extra execute messages.
  • Barde: Moved all barde data to the mob file and updated the function to use the mob interaction system.
  • Survival abilities: Created a new source file and migrated survival commands to it.
  • Skill code: Rearranged and cleaned up the skill source file, and moved some functions to new homes.
  • Ability purchasing: Corrected the cap on ability points where it was occasionally possible to buy more than the intended number of abilities for skills that were at lower caps.
  • Ability purchasing: Buying new abilities will now allow abbreviations if the text you typed wasn’t an exact match for another ability. Previously, the name always had to be exact.
  • Mix: Moved poison mixing from its own command into gen_craft. This will allow multicrafting and allow the recipes command to work.
  • Scrape: You can no longer move around while scraping trees.
  • Morph abilities: Added a de-morph instruction if a player loses the required skill, for recently-added morphs.
  • Actions: Massive rearrangement and cleanup of code related to timed actions.

August 1, 2014

  • Brew: Moved potion brewing from its own command into gen_craft. This will allow them to work with multicraft and with the recipes command.
  • Wrath of Nature Potions: Moved three of the Nature Potions up into the higher tier.
  • Potions: Raised the material cost on potions.
  • Empire leaderboards: Updated the leaderboards and statistics display, and added a greatness leaderboard.
  • Empire details: Changed how ranks and privileges are shown on empire details.
  • Empire diplomacy: Changed how diplomatic relations are shown on the empire detail display. All players can now see the diplomatic relations of other empires, except for offers.