April 2013 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha changelog

April 30, 2013

  • Health, mana, movement and blood points have been overhauled and are now more variable (plus, mana didn’t exist before).
  • Base health for players is now 50, base mana is 50, base blood is still 10, base move is still 100.
  • Mob files now specify h/v/m/b for mobs. All mobs have new values for these.
  • Completely new health regeneration system.
  • Damage in combat is no longer rolled, it is flat-rate. Other combat changes coming soon.
  • New prompt codes and changes. Existing custom prompts may need to be updated.
  • Default prompt now adapts to your need for blood or mana.
  • Finally a HELP PROMPT file.
  • People without Navigation will now only get a new “confused direction” when they have logged out for at least an hour. It should no longer change when you exit to the menu to edit empire, or when the mud reboots.
  • Changed the “free restore when you’re logged out a long time” from 6 hours to 1. I guess I thought it was already 1 hour…
  • Tweaked many of the “wait periods” where your commands lag after certain abilities and commands. Standardized all vampire abilities to 4 seconds, reduced some other things to 2 seconds. There may still be things that don’t have wait periods but should.
  • Lowered the max gain level of Navigation, By moonlight, and Night sight, so that they don’t show yellow on the skill list when, in fact, they do not trigger skillups.

April 28, 2013

  • Began implementing Survival abilities — all of them except the herb/poison branch are in.
  • Added half-second pause to movement when not mounted, to help represent the distance you’re traveling and the time it takes. Hopefully it is a short pause that is nevertheless noticeable when moving quickly.
  • Removed rusting from forged equipment. Sorry, any equipment you’ve already forged will rust when its 4600-hour timer runs out. Newly forged items are forever.
  • Tweaked all timed actions. None of them rely on old skills any more, and several have been changed to flat rates (sometimes modified by the Finder ability) instead of character-based. Several timed skills are still based on strength or dexterity, plus any bonus to senses or increased damage from weapons.
  • Sharks no longer attack people in canoes (for real this time). They will, however, take a bite out of swimmers.
  • Finished the regenerate ability and removed the old vampire heal power.
  • NAVIGATION: Players without the Navigation ability can no longer tell which way they are facing and do not see map coordinates. The map appears to behave normally, but is actually rotated compared to other players.

April 27, 2013

  • Removed attribute and ability customization from character creation, as the old systems are being phased out and will confuse new players. New character creation features coming soon.
  • Removed other debris that was inactive in character creation, including the old clans, advantages, virtues, and werewolf selections.
  • Shut off mail, which we discovered is broken.
  • Fixed a bug from the new craft command where chores that require a sharp tool were crashing if you were not wielding one in your main hand.
  • Added the Survival abilities to the skill list (no code for them yet though).
  • Wrote several help files for commands that were missing them.

April 26, 2013

  • Changed skill cap and experience point reset to happen around midnight EDT. You will now receive a message when your skill gain cap resets.
  • Added abilities to the Trade skill for the existing crafting skills.
  • Ported the forge ability and cleaned up its list of forgeables.
  • Ported sew and cleaned it up too.
  • Ported pottery.
  • Completely rewrote craft. Removed assemble and merged it into craft. It will still require the carpenter for most assemble items, but not items that were in craft.
  • Ported manufacture.
  • Updated many, many help files. MANY. All buildings and trade skills now have help files.

April 25, 2013

  • Implemented the remaining vampire powers, and a couple of new ones. And help files. Lots of help files.
  • Added makevampire admin command. Made someone a vampire so he can test it out for me.
  • Ability purchasing now requires full ability name (no abbreviations) to avoid conflicts between similarly-named abilities.
  • Re-colored ability list based on the level of the ability.
  • You will now be able to see the animal you’re mounted on in the room.
  • Added building-related empire skills and converted the building code to use these instead of Science, Intelligence and Leadership.
  • Chop, mine, and similar skills now count as “empire chores” and will raise your Empire skill to 15.
  • Added statskills command for admin to see people’s skills.

April 24, 2013

  • Added setskill admin command.
  • Added ability purchasing via “skill buy <name>”.
  • Added skill check function.
  • Added clearabilities admin command to reset players’ abilities.
  • Ported several old vampire abilities to the new system.
  • Added single-use object flag. These objects vanish when you unequip them. They cannot be stolen or sheathed.
  • Removed clan and generation traits from vampires.

April 23, 2013

  • Entered data for 8 new skills and 36 new abilities.
  • Added the “skills” command, which shows you your current skills, and shows their abilities (“skill stealth”). Skills don’t do anything yet, though.
  • Wrote functions for computing skill and ability points, gaining skills, &c.

April 22, 2013

  • Fixed a bug that’s actually in the CircleMUD basecode where 2.xxxx did not work if the keyword was 4 letters. This turned out to be a strcpy() that was overwriting part of a string with another part, and it was changing as it copied in a way that turns “abcd” into “adcd”.

April 21, 2013

  • New feature where buildings can require a special item to start construction.
  • Added tents: sew a tent from skin and sticks, carry it with you, build or dismantle it as needed.
  • Added a new system that makes it easier to make buildings take on the color of the terrain they’re built on, so that tents built on desert are yellow.
  • When you start a building, it now does the first resource immediately (just like dismantle). This is so that buildings that require no resources (like tent, which only requires an object) complete instantly.
  • Fixed bug in history/tellhistory where % sign was triggering unusual display.
  • Updated help files to say Logs instead of Trees for buildings.
  • Tweaked many timed resource actions like chop, mine, gather and dig. Chop now always hits. All of these actions now subtract a flat amount based on your attributes and abilities instead of rolling dice. This will make the actions faster for all players, but especially players with low attributes or abilities. Players with higher attributes and abilities will still finish faster.

April 20, 2013

  • Clarified the names of un-fired clay items vs the fired variety: un-fired clay now has “molded” in its name, as in “a molded clay pot”.
  • More action descriptions on items to describe their use.
  • Clarified the message for the “light” command to indicate the new name of the object you lit.
  • All actions which produce items (such as chop) will give the item to the player if possible, and put it in on the ground if not (like dig).
  • The map now indicates when it is too dark to see, to help you understand when you can’t find items on the ground.
  • Changed the text in excavate to say “excavate” instead of “dig”.
  • Added portal object type, enter command for portals, and portal command for immortals.
  • Added portal building type and mortal version of the portal command.

April 19, 2013

  • Bread can now be stored in the kitchen.
  • Raised decay timer on crops and flour to 1 week and raised fullness apples and corn changed to 24 hours. Raised decay timer on bread to 2 weeks and increased its fullness.
  • Fixed typo in flower long description.
  • Updated some mob descriptions.
  • Took gold and silver storage back off of foundry, as these were really meant to go in a vault.
  • Fixed an old bug in redit — “redit terrain” was not clearing the home_room value when used on the bulky parts of large buildings like castles, leading to map errors and problems with future castles on the same site.
  • Made it so objects can have action descriptions and then wrote action descriptions for a bunch (but not all) of the objects, to describe what they’re used for. More to come later. (Action description is displayed when you look at or examine an object.)

April 18, 2013

  • Turned off authorization; all players will automatically authorize.
  • The shark random encounter no longer attacks people in canoes. Expect swimming later.
  • Movement cost for ocean and river raised from 4 to 20.
  • “Closet” room can now be designated in all buildings, not just fort and castle.
  • New storables:
  • Gravel pit: clay
  • Tool shed: handle, handaxe, flint set, pan
  • Mill: corn, flour, wheat
  • Foundry: all varieties of gold and silver
  • Armory: spear, belt clip
  • Storage closet: bowl, pot, vessel, candle, lyre, flute, canoe
  • Shield racks: clay shields
  • Closet: forged belt, crown, all rings and earrings
  • Arsenal: all armor, shields, and weapons

April 17, 2013

  • Items left unattended on the ground will now start to disappear on their own. If they are storable items in claimed territory, you’ll find them in your empire storage. Otherwise, the NPCs are making off with them. Items in claimed buildings are exempt.

April 16, 2013

  • Rewrote the history command to record personal history instead of global history; it now records all global public channels you receive.
  • Added tellhistory, which records your tells in the same way history records public channels.

April 15, 2013

  • Code cleanup: Updated all instances of GET_OBJ_VAL() macro to use type-specific macros, and changed all uses of values 0-2 to macros to prevent magic-numbering. Added IS_ macros for all item types.
  • Renamed IS_WEAPON() in fight.c to IS_WEAPON_TYPE() because IS_WEAPON() is now a utils.h macro to check item type.
  • Clarified text in the fill/pour command.
  • Changed healing from 1/day to 1/hour for player characters who are not fighting. This is temporary until a new health and healing system can be designed and implemented.
  • Douse command will now use all water in the container in one go, instead of requiring the command to be repeated several times.
  • Added missinghelp command to find commands that have no help file.

April 13, 2013

  • Removed mandatory bathing and all associated messages; baths now last 4 action cycles
  • Added useful Commands to building and room descriptions
  • Updated version command text
  • Added new empireinventory command (einventory/einv for short)

April 12, 2013

  • New greeting screen
  • When a player character dies, it will no longer drop its items to its corpse. The player will re-spawn with inventory and equipment intact.

April 11, 2013

  • Disabled vampires and werewolves
  • Removed Hardcore option and all associated restrictions
  • Removed mandatory sleep and the exhaust trait entirely
  • Changes to credits to update version number and thank Jason for years of support