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EmpireMUD beta map

The beta map, “Chainlink”.

Map stats:

  • Total land: 334895 tiles
  • Non-land: 1460326 ocean and 4779 arctic tiles
  • Fresh water: 40442 river and 634 lake tiles
  • Temperate: 165954 tiles
  • Desert: 41560 tiles
  • Tropical: 36089 tiles
  • Mountains: 50216 tiles

Text description:

Overview: This map has 44 separate land masses ranging from small (30×20) to very large (600×250). They are numbered here in order to make it easier to tell which islands are near others. The north is dominated by large land masses, while most of the southern hemisphere is islands except a major temperate continent in the southwest.

Biomes: Jungle covers most land from 300 to 365 and 635 to 700 on the Y axis, with desert between them (365 to 635). Areas below 300 or over 700 on the Y axis are temperate.

There are three starting locations:

  • The Northern Tower of Souls (350,961) on island #10
  • The Southern Tower of Souls (443,263) on island #44
  • The Eastern Tower of souls (1599,597) on island #22


#1. A huge east-west continent in the northwest, with two large masses centered around (400,760) and (675,675) with a 40-tile-wide section of land connecting them. The southeast portion is desert from (545,620) to (791,620). The rest of the southern half of the east part of the continent is jungle and swamp, as are the southern tips of the west half. The rest of the continent is a vast temperate region, predominantly in the west. Most parts of this continent have good access to rivers and mountains. North of the land bridge between the continent’s two lobes is a massive gulf, and both lobes stretch north. Neighboring islands include #9 in the southeast, #10 to the north, and #12 to the southwest.

#2. A north-south continent with a tiny desert at its southern tip (1225,615), widening and stretching north through the jungle, toward a small land bridge at (1270,835) before a larger northern portion that stretches all the way to the arctic. Most of the continent is temperate (north of 700 Y). The northern portion of the continent has a medium-sized peninsula on its west side, connected by a small land bridge at (1180,870). The western tip of the continent reaches 1100-1140 on the x-axis, to 1363 X at the eastern tip of both the north and south portions of the continent. Rivers dominate the middle section from 785 to 880 Y. Island #15 is all but attached off the west coast of the center of this island, near (1120,770). Island #17 is off the south coast, with two more islands near it.

#3. A large, mostly desert continent in the east-central part of the map, with two large islands (#5, #6) nearly attached to the southwest. Only the northern-most 50 tiles of the map are jungle and swamp. The rest is entirely desert. The center of the continent is at (1500,550), and it stretches 100 tiles in all directions from there. The east and west sides are more mountainous than the center, with a large number of rivers in the southeast. This is the smallest of the four continents, although its large neighboring islands make it look larger. Two tiny islands — #21 and #22 — sit just off the northeastern coast.

#4. A huge, solid, entirely temperate island in the southwest. Its edges are at (180,80) in the west, (575,65) in the east, (415,265) in the north, and (250,50) to (450,20) in the south. The west side of the continent has few mountains and huge, open space between its rivers. The center and north are full of rivers and small river-islands, as well as mountain ranges in the center and east. A long peninsula stretches northwest from (400,185) to (330,245). Another peninsula runs northwest from (435,220) but is mostly covered in river. Island #4 forms an accessory island nearly attached in the north. Islands #8, #35, and #36 are to the west. #37, #13 and #38 are to the north. #39 is to the northeast. #40, #41, and #42 are to the east.

Large islands:

#5. Located south of continent #3, with medium-sized island #6 to the northwest, nearly connected at (1375,385). This island’s core is mostly jungle and swamp, from (1340,340) in the west to (1490,330) in the east. It has a temperate band with no mountains across the southern 20 tiles of the island, with the southern tip at (1410,270). Two desert peninsulas run from the north side of the jungle, to (1440,430) and (1370,385). Mountains run across the center of the jungle and up both desert peninsulas. Island #29 is directly south of the east side of the island.

#6. A desert island that almost touches continent #3 at (1420,465) and large island #5 around (1375,385). Its entire south/southeast border is a strait of ocean separating this island from island #5. The whole island is desert, with one mountain range in the southwest and one in the north, a single river in the north, and tiny lakes in the southeast. Island #24 is to the west-northwest.

#7. A temperate island in center-north of the map, shaped like a bulbous “Y”, with its ends at (865,940) in the west, (1020,960) in the east, and (985,855) in the south on a small nearly-detached peninsula. The north edge is around 980 on the Y-axis across the whole island, except a bay at (965,965). Island #11 is about 30 tiles to the west.

#8. A temperate island in the far southwest, touching (0,30) and running east-northeast to (110,60). Its northernmost point is at (70,80). It has good access to rivers and mountains. This forms an island chain with islands #34, #33, and #32 to the west. Continent #4 is to the east about 100 tiles.

#9. A half-desert, half-jungle island just north of center, across a narrow sea from continent #1 at (810,630). The eastern tip is at 915,650) and it runs from 595 Y to 665 Y.

Islands of the Northwest quadrant:

#10. A temperate island centered at (360,960) with mountain and river dominating its center. Continent #1 is 30 tiles south. This island has the Northern Tower of Souls.

#11. A temperate island centered around (810,915) with mountains, rivers, and plenty of open space. Island #7 is to the east, and the eastern part of continent #1 is distantly southwest.

#12. A desert island centered around (280,610) with a vertical river in the west and mountains across the eastern half. 30 tiles to the north is continent #1. This starts an island chain leading to #13 south-southeast of here.

#13. A desert island straddling the equator around (350,500) with a river in the north, and mountains in the north and south. There are no close neighbors, but it is part of an island chain with #12 to the north-northwest and TODO.

Islands of the Northeast quadrant:

#14. A temperate island at (922,751) that is heavily covered in river, and mountain. This island is halfway between continents #1 and #2, with #2’s nearly-attached island (#15) about 100 tiles to the east. Island #9 is 100 tiles to the south, and #7 to the far north.

#15. This temperate island, which runs from (1010,790) to (1115,770), nearly touches continent #2 at its eastern edge. This is a “large small island” with plenty of rivers and mountains.

#16. A desert island centered at (1115,570) with a mountain across its center. Island #17 is immediately to the east and continent #2 is further northeast. Island #23 is about 50 tiles to the south.

#17. A desert island centered at (11175,590) which reaches close to continent #2 in the northeast, around (1205,610). There is a river in the northeast and plenty of mountains. Island #16 is to the west, and #18 is east-southeast.

#18. A desert island around (1260,550) with large mountain ranges in the north and south, and some small lakes in the center. Island #17 is west-northwest across approximately 40 tiles of ocean. Island #24 is to the south-southeast.

#19. A temperate island around (1635,930), all by itself with over 100 tiles to its nearest neighbor (island #20 south-southeast). Rivers and mountains divide the island into sections and provide good access to resources.

#20. A temperate island at (1740,775) with no neighbors save for #19, over 100 tiles to the north-northwest. A mountain range runs down the center and a river runs across the southern half.

#21. A small, mostly-jungle island at (1565,640), with some desert at its southern tip and a mountain range across that desert. A river runs up the center. A tiny strait separates this from continent #3 around (1540,635). Island #22 lies to the southeast.

#22. A small desert island at (1600,600), just off the northeast coast of continent #3. Its only visible features are a small mountain in the northeast, and a river on the eastern tip. This island has the Eastern Tower of Souls.

Islands of the Southeast quadrant:

#23. A desert island at (1120,465) with mountains at the corners and a river in the east. It lies about 50 tiles south of island #16.

#24. A thin island made of desert and rivers at (1300,475). Mountains line both rivers. Island #18 is north-northwest of here, and continent #3 and island #6 are to the east.

#25. A desert island at (1660,375). The southern tip is jungle and mountains stretch across most of the island. A river crosses the northern portion. This island is by itself in the ocean, with island #5 far to the west and continent #3 far to the northwest. Island #26 is distantly southeast.

#26. A temperate island around (1760,245). This island has plentiful rivers but its montains are limited to small spots in the south and northwest. This island sits alone, with #25 distantly northwest and #27 100 tiles west.

#27. A temperate island at (1600,215) with a good combination of open space, mountains, and rivers. Island #28 is a small accessory island to the southeast and #29 is 50 tiles to the west. This is part of a chain of islands starting with #3, #6, #5, and #29. #26 is 100 tiles to the east.

#28. A tiny temperate island at (1640,190) with enough room for one city. It has a mountain range with a river canyon down the center, with only a small number of usable mountain tiles. Island #27 is immediately northwest of here, across a small strait.

#29. This is one of the largest of the small-to-medium islands, located around (1475,225). It is a temperate island shaped like an upside-down heart, with a mountain range on the west side and rivers in the north and south. Island #5 is directly to the north, and #27 is about 50 tiles to the east. Island #31 is distantly southwest, while #32, #33, #34, and #8 form a chain in the distant southeast.

#30. A temperate island at (1075,150), alone in the middle of the southern hemisphere. It has a small mountain in the west, with two prominent rivers. Island #31 is distantly to the east. #23 is to the north even further.

#31. A small temperate island at (1300,145) over 100 tiles from any neighbor. A large mountain range forms a Y-shape across the island, with rivers in the north and south. Island #29 is closest at about 115 tiles northeast. Island #30 is distantly to the west.

#32. The western end of an island chain, this temperate island is at (1560,55) and has room for several cities despite being covered in rivers and mountains. To the east, #33, #34, and #8 form a long chain of islands.

#33. This small temperate island at (1675,45) is part of an island chain that includes #32 to the west and #34 and #8 to the east. Mountains and rivers cover most of this island, including a mountain loop with narrow access to the sea.

#34. This small temperate island is nestled in the very southeast corner of the map, at (1765,15). In the south, it hits the arctic. A mountain range runs across the north, with a river beyond that. The center of the island is a large forest, and there is a small river in the east. This is the center of a chain with #33 and #32 to the west, and #8 to the east.

#35. A temperate island at (125,180). Two mountain ranges are interrupted by rivers in the east, and the rivers cover the northeast half of the island. Island #36 is to the north about 50 tiles, with continent #4 to the far east and southeast, and an island chain starting with #8 is about 100 tiles south-southwest.

#36. A temperate island at (155,265), with mountains in the west and rivers in the north and south. Two large forests cover most of the island. Island #35 is to the south about 50 tiles, and #37 is east-northeast 100 tiles. Continent #4 dominates the southeast at a range of about 100 tiles.

#37. This island is covered in swamp and jungle, around (320,340). A mountain range twists through the center and east, but most of the island is river and swamp. Island #36 is distantly west-southwest, and continent #4 is to the south at about 100 tiles away. Islands #38 and #13 are roughly northeast, both over 100 tiles away.

#38. This small desert island is at (480,435). It has two mountain ranges in the east and two small freshwater patches in the west. Although it’s one of the smallest freestanding islands on the map, it could fit between 1 and 3 cities — maybe 4 — if the space is used creatively. Island #13 is about 100 tiles northwest, #39 is about 100 tiles east-southeast, #37 is about 150 tiles southwest, and continent #4 is due south but over 200 tiles away.

#39. This desert double-island located at (620,400) and (665,380), with only the thinnest landbridge connecting them. The west island has large mountain ranged dividing its land, a large desert, and a small lake in the far west. The eastern island has two mountain ranges, a river dividing it, and a swampy jungle at its southern tip. Most of this half is desert. Island #38 is about 100 tiles to the west. Islands #40 and #41 are distantly southeast. Continent #4 is far to the southwest and continent #1 is equally far north.

#40. This small half-jungle, half-temperate island is at (815,300). Three mountain ranges divide the island. A river in the north creates a large swamp. Another river crosses the south, cutting through two mountain ranges in the temperate zone. Island #41 forms a pair with this island, about 30 tiles southwest. Otherwise, all neighbors are between 100 and 200 tiles away: #4 in the west, #42 and #43 in the south, and #39 in the northwest.

#41. This temperate island is at (765,240). It has two mountain ranges and three rivers, with a large forest at its center. It forms a pair with island #40, about 30 tiles to the northeast. Otherwise, all neighbors are between 100 and 200 tiles away: #4 in the west, #42 and #43 in the south, and #39 in the northwest.

#42. A temperate island at (725,75) with rivers and mountains ringing around it and a large forest in the middle. This island is large enough for 4 or more cities. Island #43 is about 100 tiles to the east, and continent #4 is 115 tiles west. Islands #40 and #41 form a pair 140 tiles to the north.

#43. A small temperate island at (870,40) that is divided into 4 segments by rivers and mountains, with a tiny protected bay on its east side. Island #42 is about 100 tiles west-northwest. #30 is about 150 tiles east-northeast. A 15-tile channel separates this island from the arctic in the south.

#44. This island is a tiny temperate spot at (440,265). It is nearly attached to continent #4, but is separated by a small channel. It has a mountain in the southwest and a river cutting northeast from there. This island has the Southern Tower of Souls.

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