Monthly Archives: January 2015

Empire scores

After I built the new coinage and trade engine recently, some of us got to talking about how the import system prefers empires that are higher on the empire list. The problem was that the list was sorted, but it wasn’t really ranked. So now we’ve begun to rank empires by several criteria, and the result is a set of scores you can see.

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December 2014 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha Change Log

December 31, 2014

  • Import/Export: You can now see a list of what you can import from a trading partner using “import list <empire>” or export to a trading partner using “export list <empire>”. Also fixed a typo in the import/export lists.
  • Empire detail: Changed how coins are displayed on the empire detail.
  • Costs: Updated costs to [hopefully] be able to understand on the import/export screens.
  • strip_color: Fixed a potential buffer overrun in this function (although no known bug was occurring due to this).

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