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April 2014 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha Change Log

April 30, 2014

  • Avoid no longer works on NPCs; this was not its intended function.
  • Scrape is now boosted by haste and Speed of Undeath, like saw.
  • Adjusted the level of hunger/thirst required for those conditions to show up on the “affects” list; they now match the prompt and score, rather than showing up early.
  • Added vampire starvation to the affects list.
  • Added a missing CRLF to the end of the “designate” room list, to the “show site” list, and to the end of the build list in certain cases.
  • Removed a double-CRLF on dismantle.
  • Spearhead now stores at the arsenal/armory.
  • The inside of a mine (and some other special buildings) can no longer count as being sunny if the building is incomplete or being dismantled.

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