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High Sorcery Lore

High Sorcery’s unlock is in. Find a Tower of Sorcery, go to the top, and study. If you’d like to read the lore without the game’s interruptions, here is the full text:

You sit down at a bench and open a worn old book, one that has long since lost its gold leaf. The leather cover is faded and worn, and you can barely make out the words through a fine layer of dust. As you blow the dust away, a white flame flashes across the cover and sears the book’s name anew. This is The Handril Instructionary: Apprentice to Sorcery, 2nd Edition, Volumes I-II.

“Since the dawn of time, Man has wielded the primal mana which flows through the veins of our world. In the first empires, during the Age of Destiny, the primitive tribes of men, dwarfs, orcs, and elves drew magic from rare stones named for the gods Vinak, Hadash, and Ma’kor. As the race of men conquered the land, they came to wield mana directly, and so became the first druids.”

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