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Client Scripts and Triggers
Who has some useful client scripts, triggers, or tools that might be useful for the community?

Since you're looking out for your fellow players and posting these, the reward is a floating eye mini-pet!
EmpireMUD 2.0
Programmer, Owner, Lead Designer
I've got a chat capture I'd like to share for everyone! I have already fixed it up to, so need to change anything, unless you just want to.

But I don't really know how to compress it into 1 xml file, so here it is, in script and trigger form. You do need both!

-For Mudlet-
I apologize for the formatting.

MUSHclient 4.94
A graphical user interface based on KaVir's Generic MSDP GUI. 
[Image: preview.png]
(Installation: Download as zip, extract into MUSHclient folder, run MUSHclient, press ctrl+shift+P to open plugin menu, click 'Add', select EmpireMUD_GUI.xml)

EmpireMUD Chat Capture:
MUSHcient 4.94
lotj_channels.xml, adapted for use with EmpireMUD.
[Image: 5kXA1bc.png]
(Installation: Download as zip, extract into MUSHclient folder, run MUSHclient, press ctrl+shift+P to open plugin menu, click 'Add', select lotj_channels.xml)

Bonus: My original chat capture trigger, from before I got lotj_channels. Loses color codes because I'm a n00b:

   match="^\[(gsay|IMMORTAL|EMPIRE|\/.*) (.*?)\]\:(.*?)$|^.*tells you,.*$|^You tell.*$|^\w+ (?:\w+ )?says,.*$|^.*You say,.*$|^\[(IMMORTAL|EMPIRE|\/.+)\] [[:alpha:]]+.*$"
  <send>function SendToWorld (name, message)
local otherworld
  otherworld = GetWorld (name)
  if otherworld == nil then
    Note ("World " .. name .. " is not open")
  c,b = 'white', 'black'
  Tell (otherworld, ("%H:%M:%S "))
  Tell (otherworld, WorldName()..": ")
  ColourNote (otherworld, c,b, message)
  -- alternative syntax:   otherworld:Send (message)
end -- of SendToWorld

SendToWorld ("chats", "%0")</send>
(Installation: Copy the script, and click 'paste' in the triggers menu. Requires you to create a world named 'chats'. Do this by making a new world which connects to nothing, and saving it as chats.mcl.)

EmpireHUD for Mudlet:
Mudlet 3.0.0+
An attempt to create a version of EmpireHUD for Mudlet.
[Image: zthB4bF.png]
This turned out... not particularly great, but the main score window (with no affects or cooldowns) works. It does have a few debug lines still in it - I have not touched it in some time.
(Installation: Download as zip, connect to EmpireMUD, select Package Manager, click Install, and select the zipped folder, then reconnect and log in to your character.)
[Image: cJ56RFw.png]
The following is a dramatization of real events:
Quote:You raise your staff high as a bug crumples to the ground in agony and dies!
You have killed a bug! R.I.P.
You get the corpse of a bug.
You give the corpse of a bug to Khufu.
My own trigger files, they are usually more towards Vampires and necromancer/vampire but with little tweaks I think it will be very useful for anyone that wants to automate some stuff, there are also grinding triggers for some skills.

Renewed Link to the Right Package:

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