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Introduce yourself!
Hi All,

In the world of Mudding I tend to go by the Tag English Lad - which invariably gets shortened to EL By someone or other.

As the name suggests - I'm UK based. I've been Mudding on and off for the last 18 years or so - across a number of MUDs. Primarily as a player - but I've done a few stints as a builder - and a 5 year period as an Admin / Staff member for a RP / PK mud that was hugely fulfilling.

I came across Empire via a post on Reddit, figured I'd try it out and immediately fell in love with how innovative the engine is. My real joy in mudding is World Building and character development - so keen to see how Storylines develop here at Empire as we go through Beta.
Hello, I'm Indirik Lapallanch, I play a lot of RPG browser games, and I particularly enjoy MUDs due to the lack of wait timers or the such. I mean, most stuff happen immediately, although yeah sometimes you have to wait to gain movement points or regain your health, but hey, it's better than those games out there where you have limited 'turns' and once you're done you can't really do anything for the rest of the day.

I also enjoy political simulation games, like the board game Diplomacy (also playable online) as well as it's Play Store version, Droidippy. It involves a lot of negotiations and strategy in order to win, and does not use dice or cards or anything that puts a luck factor in the game.
Greetings all, name's Zeinath (went by Luathas back in the day) and I actually played Empire back in the 2004-2006 era, and randomly stumbled upon this awesomeness when I did a random Google search after finding a copy of the Empire source code in my 'Mud Programming Folder' I'd obtained from Paul ages ago.

I'm beyond excited to see what has come of Empire since it was first started, and can't wait to dive in! Hopefully I won't be murdered and have my everything set ablaze on the first night, LOL.
Hey all, Heathcliff.
A recent high school graduate living in Canada, totally blind. I game on and off, mostly console fighters but muds as well. As those who get the name reference may know, I love anime and one anime in particular over most others. Tongue

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