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Installing and running empiremud in cygwin/babun
So, there's a guide to install and run empiremud under cygwin. I personally used babun, since that's pretty useful compared to the original cygwin. Babun is in fact a bundle that includes a pre-configured cygwin, and many programming tools, like gcc, automake and autoconf. But why I didn't use the original cygwin ? Simply because babun is much easy, since you have nothing to configure or install in our case. The other reason is that the cygwin package selector isn't really accessible for blind people, plus, that's not really useful to run the setup every time you want to install a new package isn't it ? Another major difference between babun and the original cygwin is that babun comes up with a fully functional package manager, similar to apt-get on ubuntu and some other distribution. So you can easily manage your installed package, remove them, update them and install additional packages.

Another major thing with babun is that the installer is in silent mode. You simply click on 'install.bat' and everything is done for you. By default, babun will be installed in your user directory. After completing the installation, babun should start automatically. If that's not the case, simply go on desktop and click on 'babun terminal'.

The last things to do before you can download and install empiremud is to configure git. Don't worry, git is also pre-configured but you need to configure your name and email adress to use it. You can do so by typing the folowing command: 'git config --global Your Name', to set your name, then 'git config --global your@email'.

The last thing to do with git is dealing with line ending. We'll ask git to never modify the line ending of the files that it download, otherwise you'll be unable to run the configure process and use the autorun to start your mud. You can check the status of that option by typing 'git config core.autocrlf'. If that say true, we'll need to change it to false, so git will never change your line ending. Type 'git config --global core.autocrlf false', and that should do it. You can of course verify with 'git config core.autocrlf'.

Now, if everything goes well, you should be able to download, configure, compile and run empiremud without any problem. There's a known bug that you may encounter if you are running under windows 10. Sometime when you start babun, there are 3 windows instead of only one. To workaround it go to .babun/cygwin/bin and change mintty.exe to Windows 8 compatibility mode.

And finally, the link to babun is:

Have fun ! Smile

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