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Forest Updates
I had an idea for a simple update to forests, and I'd like some feedback. Part of the goal here is to resolve the issue where you're told you can only build on a "forest" tile, but it more specifically means a 4-tree temperate or evergreen forest, and not any of the tiles with 1-3 trees.

Part 1: Shady Forests (3 trees)
  • Give these the "forest" build flag, to allow forest buildings on them.
  • Trees would not spread onto the plains around buildings that were built on a 3-tree forest (unlike what happens with 4-tree forests). Is that good or bad?
Part 2: Light/Thin Forests (1-tree and 2-tree)
  • Split these into two different types: edge of the forest, or lone tree/cluster of trees, depending on whether they are in the middle of other forest tiles, or out on their own.
  • We could use an intermediary tile when a tree is chopped from a 3-tree tile. The intermediary tile would be something like a "logged forest" (name suggestions welcome). It would then rapidly evolve into either the cluster of trees, or the edge of the forest, depending on its surroundings.
  • Lone/cluster tree tiles would also have evolution rules to change to edge-of-forest tiles, and vice versa, if their surroundings change.
Additional ideas:
  • We could introduce new tree diversity. For example, the Lone Tree tile could be a mighty oak that gives more than 2 lumber when sawed.
I'm interested in any thoughts you guys have on this.
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