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  Possible MSDP error
Posted by: amud - 10-27-2017, 04:26 AM - Forum: Bugs - No Replies

I installed a copy of EmpireMUD 2.0b5 on my local machine, and connected to it using my own client.

Whenever I move from one room to another, I see the following MSDP sequence:


Ignoring the very last element, at the end we see <MSDP_TABLE_OPEN><MSDP_TABLE_CLOSE> - in other words, an empty MSDP table.

The MSDP spec doesn't specify whether empty tables are allowed, or what should be done with them, but I thought I'd point it out anyway in case the empty table is supposed to contain something.

Bah! Only now do I notice that EmpireMUD rooms don't have a specified list of exits, so maybe it's not a bug after all.

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  Forest Updates
Posted by: Khufu - 04-25-2017, 12:52 PM - Forum: Features - Replies (2)

I had an idea for a simple update to forests, and I'd like some feedback. Part of the goal here is to resolve the issue where you're told you can only build on a "forest" tile, but it more specifically means a 4-tree temperate or evergreen forest, and not any of the tiles with 1-3 trees.

Part 1: Shady Forests (3 trees)

  • Give these the "forest" build flag, to allow forest buildings on them.
  • Trees would not spread onto the plains around buildings that were built on a 3-tree forest (unlike what happens with 4-tree forests). Is that good or bad?
Part 2: Light/Thin Forests (1-tree and 2-tree)
  • Split these into two different types: edge of the forest, or lone tree/cluster of trees, depending on whether they are in the middle of other forest tiles, or out on their own.
  • We could use an intermediary tile when a tree is chopped from a 3-tree tile. The intermediary tile would be something like a "logged forest" (name suggestions welcome). It would then rapidly evolve into either the cluster of trees, or the edge of the forest, depending on its surroundings.
  • Lone/cluster tree tiles would also have evolution rules to change to edge-of-forest tiles, and vice versa, if their surroundings change.
Additional ideas:
  • We could introduce new tree diversity. For example, the Lone Tree tile could be a mighty oak that gives more than 2 lumber when sawed.
I'm interested in any thoughts you guys have on this.

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  Client Scripts and Triggers
Posted by: Khufu - 03-04-2017, 12:40 PM - Forum: Clients - Replies (3)

Who has some useful client scripts, triggers, or tools that might be useful for the community?

Since you're looking out for your fellow players and posting these, the reward is a floating eye mini-pet!

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  Always up for roleplaying
Posted by: Vivessa - 02-27-2017, 08:25 PM - Forum: Roleplaying - No Replies

If you happen to come across Vivessa in your travels, feel free to engage in roleplay!

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  Android client.
Posted by: saqfish - 01-13-2017, 12:57 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - No Replies

Hello everyone,

I was writing a custom Android client and thought I should ask for opinions. I spend a tiny amount of time on it weekly but I might start writing more. Anyways, here's a quick look:

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  Skill Training Issue
Posted by: zentil - 01-12-2017, 04:05 AM - Forum: Issues - Replies (2)

Got to 50 Empire and reset my skills and then spent them on the skills that I wanted.
Then Specialized empire to 51 and found out that I cant gain empire skill at all.

How do i solve this issue?
Was told you can craft a reset trinket at Master Craft at 80 trade. But that is a good chunk off for this character.
Should I just delete my main and start over?

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  The Sorcerers Guild needs lots of cotton.
Posted by: Indirik Lapallanch - 06-07-2016, 06:16 AM - Forum: Roleplaying - No Replies

As the topic says, my empire needs a lot of cotton and since we aren't near a desert, we'll need to rely on buying/trading to get cotton.

Any cotton put for sale in the trading post will be bought up by me (Charles Lapallanch) as quickly as I can as long as the price is reasonable. Trading is also a decent option (I have tomatoes and apple farms!)

Thank you for your help.

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Brick The United Electorate of Ouestasia
Posted by: Malle Yeno - 05-21-2016, 07:02 PM - Forum: Empires - Replies (5)

United Electorate of Ouestasia
[Image: keNnvvg.png]
The flag of the United Electorate of Ouestasia. The green represents the land the nation is on, with blue representing the seafaring that is integral to the country. One star in the middle represents unity, while the three surrounding stars represent the three families: The Khominids, the Tarquinians, and the Quidomites.


To the reader who has done this writer a large compliment with his attention,


I am Malle "Khominid" Yeno, the Most Splendid Burgher of the United Electorate of Ouestasia.
Our nation is a Noble Republic where citizens elect a member of three aristocratic families to lead the United Electorate for the duration of his life.

The purpose of this post that I attach to yonder board is to give any interested readers information about this nation. This will include history, how politics work in the nation, and any recent actions that take place.

I will try to keep the next few spaces on this board reserved to talk about this.

I hope that you enjoy reading about our humble people,

Malle Yeno


In discussing the history of Ouestasia, one must realize that the way that Ouestasians live right now is rather recent.
We have been settled for an estimated century, but our people have existed, if you believe our scribes and seers, for many centuries longer.

My Mystikos, Regent Wienis, recently completed a grand work titled "A Secret History of Ouestasia and Its Inhabitants".
A copy of such a book is available at the grand library of Ouestasia, or onboard any Ouestasian trade ship for no charge.
The book goes into a large amount of detail, especially about the early days, but I will discuss the main points.

Our civilization was once tribal, inhabiting a different area than we are now, and led by three brothers. The descendants of these brothers form the three aristocratic families that rule over Ouestasia today. They are the Khominids, the Tarquinians, and the Quidomites. The families take pride in their respective traits: the Khominids for their diplomatic skill, the Tarquinians for their status as warriors, and the Quidomites for their curiosities and adventures.

After a forced migration of the tribal peoples, the tribe was resettled into where Pont du Ouestasia is now. These tribes were hunter-gatherers, and had little idea of what was possible to survive on in this new land. A wandering trader named Malle Yeno helped the tribe learn about their surroundings, taught them agriculture, and returned to them their pride.

A few years after Malle's restoration of the tribes, he was murdered by an unknown assailant, for unknown reasons, for an unknown organization. This death marks the beginning of the civil war between the three families, as each blamed the other failing to protect Malle. It wasn't until a strong Khominid leader ended the civil war and declared herself the second leader.

She set the precident for all future Ouestasian leaders: They must change their name to Malle Yeno, must use their dynasty as their middle name, must be from one of the three families, and must rule for life or until abdication. She also set the settled Ouestasians to be ruled by an Electorate, the embodiment of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government.

These are the major events that have influenced the United Electorate. The tribes gave us our culture, Malle gave us our spirit, and The Second Malle gave us our Electorate.

If you are at all interested in our history, I suggest reading "A Secret History of Ouestasia and Its Inhabitants" by Regent Wienis. I would also suggest talking with the man himself, for he is at the forefront of our literary pursuits.

There is also a copy of "A Secret History of Ouestasia and Its Inhabitants" by Regent Wienis available here:


We govern through the use of the Electorate, which bases its power from the people, who have expressed their wishes through the Charter of the Electorate. The Charter is another such book that you may retrieve at our library or on board a trade ship. This one, I will admit, is less fun to read than Wienis' history, but what else is to be expected from a document that is legal in nature?

A copy of the Charter can be found here:


Overview of Ouestasian Politics
The United Electorate is governed by the Electorate of Ouestasia, which is a body of legislators from the Khominid family, the Tarquinian family, and the Quidomite family, as well as associated figures of Ouestasia, including allies and trading partners.

The Electorate may propose new institutions in the form of Acts, institute changes to former acts through Reforms, or get rid of old acts via a Revoke motion. Members of the Electorate may vote on all three of these measures, as well as minor decisions that come before the Electorate. The required number of votes for a motion to pass is given on the motion itself. For most motions, at least 50% of the Electorate must vote in some way. Of this voting population, 50% must want the vote to go through (although since nobles usually make up a large amount of the vote, and are not allowed to abstain, this requirement is usually fulfilled anyway). Through this, the Electorate has the powers of the legislative branch of government.

The Most Splendid Burgher, who when elected must change their name to Malle Yeno, the powers of the executive branch. The leader may propose Acts, Reforms, and Revokes as any member of the Electorate, and votes on behalf of his noble family. The leader may issue Ordinances without the approval of the Electorate if a proper reason is given. The Electorate may vote to revoke the Ordinance with 30% of votes in the Electorate to revoke such an Ordinance.

The Electorate and the Burgher both play a role in the judiciary. The Electorate may censor members of the Electorate that are acting unruly or against the interests of the Electorate. The Burgher may issue Imperial Investigations if a passed Act or Reform either violates the Charter of Ouestasia or is not adequately debated. Rules for Imperial Investigations are detailed further in the Charter of Ouestasia.

Voting on Decisions in the Electorate
The Electorate is split into four sections that act as a whole. There are the three sections that represent the noble families and the last section representing Non-Ouestasian figures that are associated with the Electorate.

All parties must spend all their votes on one option. For instance, the Khominid family may not split their votes evenly between passing and refusing an act. This applies to all noble families and to all involved figures (ex. Empire A cannot vote split either).

Noble families are expected to vote in the way that their families interest are represented. External figures may vote however they please, although since Electorate votes are granted for assisting the United Electorate, it may benefit them to spend votes passing motions that are good for the United Electorate, and stopping bad motions.

External figures may give their vote in person, or by pigeon. There is also a /electorate channel that anyone may use.

Allocating Votes
Base number of votes: 10
Most Splendid Burgher is part of noble family: +5

Base number of votes: 0
Non-Aggression Pact: +1
Loyal: +2
-> The Burgher may name any number of Associated Party loyal if the parties have been allied for a long time
Notable: +2
-> The Burgher may name only one Associated Party notable if that party has made a remarkable contribution to the U.E.o.E
Trade pact: +2
Alliance: +4

Exclusionary conditions for Associated Party:
Distrustful: Cannot vote
War: Cannot vote
Disinterested: Automatically abstain unless otherwise stated
-> An Associated Party may declare themselves Disinterested if they wish to hold diplomatic relations with the U.E.o.E without voting in the Electorate

Present Day Politics
Vote Distribution

Distribution of votes and relative power in Electorate can be found here:

Motion History:
First motion drafted May 28, 2016 - set to vote on June 4, 2016.
Ordinance (Extension of Voting Period Ordinance): Voting may continue for 2 days after voting starts.
June 13/2016 - ACT PASS: New Ouestasia devolved to colony.
Week of June 20 - Crisis declared: Spreading wildfire in Pont du Ouestasia
Week of August 15 - Crisis over: Wildfire contained, rebuilding is taking place.
August 28: ACT ___: 

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  Military Suggestions
Posted by: Indirik Lapallanch - 11-16-2015, 08:07 AM - Forum: Features - Replies (5)

We should be able to do something with military, ya know. Feel free to post your suggestions here.

My suggestion is simple, but anyway...

When war is declared, we can deploy our military to enemy cities which will raze the enemy structures and possibly destroy the entire city unless challenged by other forces. Maybe a sort of DEPLOY <AMOUNT OF TROOPS> <CITY> sort of command. :-)

Additional features could include the ability to create legions with different specialisations, like some raze buildings faster, some are better at engaging enemy militaries etc. And we can give the legions tags as well, for example "Hogwarts1" So when we want to deploy, we would be typing DEPLOY HOGWARTS1 <CITY> to send the soldiers in Hogwarts1 to the specified city.

This would probably require a lot of work but I'm sure its possible.

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Posted by: Indirik Lapallanch - 10-04-2015, 05:41 AM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (2)

Is it possible to sell items for gold? Tongue If not then what should we do with items we don't want, other than storing it in our empire inventory? Because it's always nice to benefit from items you gained which you don't want, instead of throwing it away Tongue

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