June 2013 Changelog

EmpireMUD 2.0 alpha changelog

June 30, 2013

  • Only arrows can be put into quivers; some players were circumventing inventory limits using quivers as generic containers.
  • High Sorcery should now trigger “mage” checks, like the one that puts mana in the default prompt.
  • Fixed a bug in “transport” where it was finding your own cemeteries instead of a ToS.
  • Added 1 citizen to each of the havens. This will also allow you to set them as a home.
  • Moved craft to a new file called trade.c for trade skills (skills.c is very full of stuff).
  • Moved all the pottery items to the “craft” command. They now require any fire (kitchen, touch of flame, etc) but will take much less time in a Potter building.
  • Hestian trinket now requires a seashell and a crystalized flower.
  • Shields now require 2 clay + skin.
  • Clay can now be found near ocean and digging will result in clay 4/5 of the time when adjacent to water.

June 29, 2013

  • Fixed an issue where items dropped to the ground because your arms are full were not getting the right owner information, and would count as stealing if you cleared inventory space and picked them up.
  • Added summon materials: summon materials [number] <type> — costs 2 mana per item
  • Added enervate, siphon, slow, and staff mastery.
  • Added sunshock and mirrorimage; this completes High Sorcery.
  • Added High Sorcery character creation option.
  • Added a cost of 1 imperium and 1 bloodstone per wall to defense ritual.
  • When you die, if your empire has a cemetery on the island you died on, you’ll respawn there instead of a Tower of Souls. If there’s more than one cemetery on the island, you’ll respawn in the oldest one.

June 28, 2013

  • Low-level enchantments are now in for weapons and armor.
  • People with Portal Magic and Portal Master now have a chance to skillup when their empiremates use portals.
  • Added the robe as cloth armor, so casters have gear to enchant.
  • Added new attack types for magical staves.
  • Added Vigor, the “embiggen” enchantment, and powerful staves.

June 27, 2013

  • Moved the portal building to Portal Magic.
  • Portals no longer require Imperium to build.
  • You can now only open portals if there is a person with Portal Magic in your empire (new tech).
  • You can only open portals to locations over 200 map tiles away if someone in your empire has Portal Master (new tech).
  • Portal Master now grants the “collapse” command for closing portals.
  • Fixed ritual of defense, which wasn’t saving.
  • Moved the catapult building siege code to a generic function.
  • Added sense life, detection, siege, and devastation rituals.
  • Fixed a bug in catapult and ritual siege where buildings take 1 more shot than intended (a hut should go down in 1 shot).

June 26, 2013

  • Changed palace and castles to have the same set of resources. Same for forts, treeforts, and greathouses.
  • Added ritual of defense, which protects walls from flying.
  • Added phoenix rite, which resurrects you when you die.

June 25, 2013

  • Added ritual command, which is the interface for abilities with “ritual” or “rite” in their names.
  • Moved lightorb to “ritual light”.
  • Added Ritual of Teleportation and City Teleportation.
  • Enchanted objects no longer stack in inventory.
  • Melt now auto-repeats.
  • Basic staff is now storable.

June 24, 2013

  • Fixed some bugs in guard towers including a crash bug.
  • Added disenchant and colorburst.

June 23, 2013

  • Updated and clarified some help files including Gift of Nature and Manashield.
  • Added ability placeholders for the rest of High Sorcery, bringing us to 194 abilities in 2 months.
  • Added empire temperaments so you can make your empire not be hostile to newbies.
  • You can set your temperament in the empire editor.
  • Fixed a bug where leading a catapult got its animals shot by your own tower.

June 20, 2013

  • Added the study command. Use it at the top of a Tower of Sorcery to unlock High Sorcery.
  • The restore command will now also restore blood.
  • Fixed a bug where Reflexes gave no skillups.
  • Added lightorb, manashield, foresight, and staffmaking skills to High Sorcery.
  • Added more to fishing.
  • Added 4 new resources found through fishing, digging in certain places, and picking herbs in certain spots.
  • Inventory now shows (large) to indicate which items take up 2 slots. This is only a display change; large items always took up 2 slots.
  • Added (enchanted) flag to items. Enchanted items cannot be stored.
  • Added Summon Swift, a unique mount for High Sorcery.
  • Fixed the road display around city centers.
  • Fixed a pvp flag issue where the wrong person was being checked.

June 19, 2013

  • Immortals can now see people who are earthmelded or disguised.
  • Clay vessel is no longer considered “large”, putting it in line with similar drink containers.
  • Raised land per greatness from 25 to 35, and land per tech from 10 to 15.

June 18, 2013

  • Added skillup triggers to infiltrate and shadowstep.
  • Socials and emotes now appear on the sayhistory.
  • Workforce will now clearcut normal crops if you don’t turn on replanting.
  • Added escape and prick. I believe this completes the Stealth tree.

June 17, 2013

  • Split the replanting chore off of farming. If it’s turned off, farmers will clear-cut crops. You have 1 day to activate replanting if you want it, before they start clear-cutting.
  • Adjusted more skill gain rates for super-tedious high-level skills.
  • The equipment and inventory commands now work while sleeping.
  • Adjust city radius sizes.
  • Added “days since logged in” to the empire roster.
  • If you are partied with an empire member, cityguards should no longer attack you.
  • Lowered the cost of docks.
  • Added a new generic “stunned” effect that keeps you from taking any action including combat.
  • Rearranged some code related to initiating combat when certain abilities are used.
  • Added Infiltrate, Improved Infiltrate, Sap, and Shadowstep.

June 16, 2013

  • Fixed a bug in excavate and fillin where you could log back in, still be doing these actions, but no longer be in a trench.
  • Reduced harvest time by 1/3.
  • Changed city center icons, as the “building look” was misleading in how people were using them.
  • Added stealth and natural magic starting options.
  • Added %s prompt code for “skill points left today”.
  • Fixed a bug in posting blank messages to the board.
  • Fixed spelling of cemetery.
  • Lowered the cost on numerous low-level buildings.
  • Reduced the number of designatable rooms in “complex” buildings to 7.
  • When you try to enter a building from the wrong side, it should now tell you the correct side.
  • Healing, stamina, and mana potions now restore 50 instead of 20.
  • Added slow affect flag, which makes combat speed worse by 20%.
  • Added mix command for poisons, and tons of poison-related code.
  • Poisons, Deadly Poisons, Resist Poison, and Poison Immunity now function.
  • Cut Deep and Stunning blow now only trigger if you hit for any damage.
  • Moved Secret Cache from luxury to its own stealth ability.
  • Poisons can be stored at the alchemist or laboratory.
  • Added Cloak of Darkness and Dagger Mastery.
  • Fixed another chant of nature typo.

June 15, 2013

  • Raised the gain rate on a large number of low-gain abilities.
  • Raise Fireball now skills up while fighting with the fireball, not just when readying it.
  • Updated the Policy again.
  • Fly now has a low chance to skill up while flying around.
  • Raised the length limit on custom room names.
  • The fillin command now works on the oasis.
  • Excavating in the desert now creates an oasis.
  • Oasis touching river now converts to river.
  • Added thief and pvp indicators to the prompt.
  • Fixed a bug where having autokill off was not ending fights.

June 14, 2013

  • Disabling mistform, which is extremely unbalanced right now as it is possible to do a lot of damage while fully invulnerable.
  • Changed the default hostility level for guard towers and city guards; they are now hostile unless you are allied, at peace, or have a nonagression or trade pact. This is similar to how classic EmpireMUD operated and is in response to player behavior.
  • Added a “truce” state similar to “peace” but without protection from guard towers.
  • Hostile empire mobs will no longer attack immortals.
  • Fixed a bug with heartstop where it only caused combat on success.
  • Command no longer affects players.
  • Added a distance limit of 50 to the track command.
  • Added the avoid command, which shakes loose a follower.
  • Fixed a bug in trench filling.
  • Summoned mobs that follow you will no longer wander on their own.
  • Cleaned up the vampire code and removed remaining debris from the old vampire system.
  • Split beastform into two abilities, with batform being higher level.
  • Removed unused commands from the apiary command list.

June 13, 2013

  • Added a ton of new empire mobs, as well as some outside mobs and highwaymen.
  • Fixed political coloring of chameleon buildings in city radius.
  • Reduced the power level of highwaymen, as they were quite murderous. Also lowered their spawn rate by 70%.
  • City guards will now automatically assist empiremates in combat. They will also attack people who are thieves, who are distrusted, or who you’re at war with.
  • Fixed typo that still said “10% outside territory”.

June 12, 2013

  • Change the city background highlight on Political to show the “opposite” of your empire’s color, and highlight all tiles.
  • Fixed the issue where empire greatness fluctuates when players are or are not online. Greatness should now be stable.
  • Fixed the “set name” command.
  • Prominent Empires now get a bonus city point.
  • Bridges now quick-fill trenches just like a real river.
  • Changed how ruins decay. Instead of following the normal decay pattern, they will randomly crumble to dust with a halflife of about 1 real year.

June 11, 2013

  • Tweaked territory display.
  • Fixed command list on Tavern.
  • Fixed a bug in dismantle which sometimes causes a delayed crash.
  • Territory split is now 80/20; city radii raised slightly.
  • Fixed two bugs in Inspire: You are not meant to be able to inspire yourself, and it was allowing stacking of multiple inspire effects.
  • You can now “usurp” a connection where your character is stuck at the main menu or MOTD, rather than getting an “invalid name” response.
  • Updated some room descriptions and command lists to be more accurate.
  • You can no longer cede a private house.
  • Inactive empires will stop spawning NPCs and workforce.
  • After 4 months of inactivity, players will be dropped from their empires automatically. This may lead to empty empires being deleted entirely.
  • Players shown on the map (when mappc is enabled) and your own character will now be colored by their empire banner. Multiple pcs in a room will result in multicolored <oo>.
  • Players you can see on the map are now listed under the map, so you can tell who they are.
  • You can now rename cities.

June 10, 2013

  • Added the new City concept to empires.
  • Added the “city” command for city management and cities privilege to restrict it.
  • The room/map description will now indicate which city you’re in if the territory is claimed.
  • You cannot claim/cede/catapult/abandon city centers. They are controlled ONLY by the city command.
  • Using “city abandon” will also abandon all territory inside the city.
  • 90% of your claimed territory must be within your cities. The other 10% may be anywhere. Mines ALWAYS count as “within city territory” no matter where you build them.
  • See the homepage for more details on Cities.
  • Political mode now highlights to show you the radius of your city.
  • Added the territory command which shows you claimed land outside your cities.

June 9, 2013

  • Added pvp flag/toggle for people who want free pvp.
  • Fixed a bug in empire delete/merge that was causing an infinite loop in some cases.
  • Added a shortcut in the real_room() function so it processes faster with map rooms.
  • Cede no longer allows you to give an empire 15 extra territory.
  • Raised the gain rate on familiar to medium.

June 8, 2013

  • Tweaked the skill check on Hide/Cling to Shadow.
  • Fixed move costs in Darkness.
  • Changed the command for setting a tavern’s brew to “tavern”.
  • Added “brew” for potions. You need to be somewhere with a cooking fire plus glassblowing tech available. If you don’t have glassblowing, it will also work in the alchemist shop.
  • Alchemist shop and campfires of any kind now function for baking.
  • Touch of Flame now counts as fire for baking/brewing.
  • Added the quaff command for potions.
  • Added laboratory room type.
  • Increased the time between taverns requiring more resources. This also increases the initial time to brew.
  • Most of the low-level potions are in.
  • Crafting commands will now list ALL items you’re missing, instead of just the first one.
  • Fixed sneak levelup bug.
  • NPCs can no longer acquire items.

June 7, 2013

  • Fixed the command list for Glassworker.
  • Fixed quails being aquatic.
  • You can now forage in taverns.
  • Raised the gain rate on earthmeld to medium.
  • Fixed some mob flags like “aquatic quail” and “hidden turtle”.
  • Removed mountains and rivers from the political version of the graphical map on the website, and darkened the yellow banner color.
  • Added herbs to the “pick” command.
  • Added the alchemist building. For now, it just stores herbs.
  • Added the blind ability. This replaces “disengage”, which was listed under Stealth but would essentially be a duplicate of Terrify. Blind lasts 10